Clearfell Logging in the Otway Forested Catchments - Water Yield and Water Quality Issues Otway Ranges Environment Network
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Clearfell logging and water runoff

Clearfell logging reduces water runoff - overview
Age of forest determines water runoff
Impact of logging on water runoff

Community Concern

Otway water supplies more than 300,000 people in South West Victoria
If logging stopped in Otways catchments, water yield would increase by 7-28%
History of community concern
Failure of RFA process to protect water supplies from logging
Otway Hydrology Reference Group

Geelong domestic water supply catchment

See where logging is proposed in the Geelong water supply catchment
Logging history: West Barwon Catchment  (Geelong's Water Catchment)
How much is a 10% water increase for the West Barwon reservoir if logging stopped?
Proposed 100 year logging scenario for the West Barwon Catchment

Warrnambool domestic water supply catchment

See where logging is proposed in the Warrnambool water supply catchment (Gellibrand River)
Logging history: Gellibrand Catchment
Gellibrand river summer flow vulnerability
Impacts of logging the Gellibrand river
Case Study: Importance of Otway water to the Dairy Industry
Land use in the Gellibrand catchment

Clearfell logging and wildfire in Otway catchments

Logging Practices Increase the risk of bushfires in water supply catchments
Fire Occurrence in Otway Catchments
Serious forest fires in the Otways are started by careless logging practices

Economics of Water Vs Hardwood

Economic Value of Water vs. Timber
Economic Value of Water vs. Timber, West Barwon Catchment
Value of Water if logging ceased
Water more valuable than timber and woodchips
Invalid arguments used to comparing timber and water

Logging roads and Landslides

Impact of logging roads on landslides and water quality
Landslides: Sedimentation of river systems
Landslides on logging roads are an ongoing problem for water quality in the Otways
Landslides and High Rainfall
Code of Forest Practices: No prescriptions to prevent landslides

Stewardship of Otways water supply catchments

Proposed Otway hydrology research
Otway hydrology research cancelled
Logging within 200 metres of West Barwon Dam



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