Clearfell Logging in the Otway Forested Catchments - Water Yield and Water Quality Issues Otway Ranges Environment Network
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Community Concern

There is a Long History of Community Concern regarding logging in Otway Water Supply Catchments.

For the past twenty years there has been considerable public concern regarding the impact Clearfell Logging has on the quantity and quality of water. Past community concern has pushed the State Government into conducting numerous inquiries and research projects. These include:
  • 1982 Interdepartmental Task Force Inquiry into "Pulpwood Harvesting for Woodchips in the Otways"
  • 1985 Farrell Novotony water quality studies for the West Barwon, West Barham (not published) and Porcupine Creek (not completed)
  • 1986 logging suspended in Apollo Bay Water Supply after Community Concern
  • 1988 Silvicultural Systems Project hydrology research into impacts of logging on water yield (terminated in 1994, not completed)
  • 1988 Ray Moran Otway water yield modelling, "The effects of timber harvesting operations of Streamflows in the Otway Ranges"
  • 1992 Otway Forest Management Plan
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