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Aire River Forests

The Aire River Forests are to the south of Lavers Hill and Beech Forest. (Note: does not include Head of Aire River. See map)

About 40% of the total Aire River Catchment (9,800 hectares) is made up of the Aire forest(native).

Five major forested sub-catchments with very high conservation values are threatened by clearfell logging. These sub-catchments are:

  • Youngs Creek
  • Ciancio Creek
  • Aire River - Victorian Heritage River
  • Clearwater Creek
  • Ford River



Little Aire Falls
Little Aire Falls

High conservation values

The high conservation values of these sub-catchments include:

  • Rainforest Sites of Significance (RSOS). The Aire Valley is the rainforest stronghold of the Otways with three recognised RSOS. These are:
    · Aire-Youngs Creek national RSOS.
    · Clearwater creek state RSOS.
    · Redwater Creek state RSOS.

  • High natural cathcment values of Clearwater creek.Link

  • Heritage River values of Aire River.Link

  • Endangered Species such as the Tiger Quoll and Slender Tree furn

Community campaigns

Community campaigns to stop clearfell logging in the Aire river catchment include:

Clearfell logging threats

Threats caused by clearfell logging to Aire River rainforest include:


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