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Otway Cool Temperate Rainforest

Otway Cool Temperate Rainforest
Description and map of rainforest distribution

Cool Temperate Rainforest and the Flora & Fauna Guarantee Act:
State legislation designed to protect rainforest has failed.

Community Campaign to protect Otway Cool Temperate Rainforest:
Conservationists and local residents halt Clearfell logging near rainforest at Ciancio creek (April 2001)

What can be done to save Otway Rainforests:
Summary of key issues and how you can help!


Photo: Myrtle Beech Tree



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Myrtle Wilt

Otway Rainforest Sites of Significance (RSOS)
The Otways has RSOS of national, state and regional significance

Rainforest and wild fire
Clearfell logging increases the risk of wildfire destroying rainforest


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