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Otway Cool Temperate Rainforest

Otway Rainforest Campaign

Most rainforest in the Otways will now be included within an expanded Otways National Park.

Cool Temperate Rainforest of national significance at Ciancio Creek

Otway Rainforest to be protected
Conservationists have succeeded in getting rare Otways rainforests placed into a National Park.

Otway Rainforest campaign background
See overview of the OREN Otways rainforest campaign.

Ciancio Creek Rainforest Protest.
Conservationists successfully stop logging at Ciancio Creek in 2001.

Judge finds logging at Ciancio Creek illegal.
Logging was in breach of the Code of Forest Practices. Charges against conservationists dropped in 2003.

Otway Rainforest Issues

Otway Cool Temperate Rainforest
Description and location of rainforest throughout the Otways.

Myrtle Wilt
A disease promoted by clearfell logging that threatens Otway rainforest.

Rainforest Sites of Significance
Areas of rainforest in the Otways are of National, State and regional significance.


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