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Otways Nature Conservation

The beauty of the Otways encompasses the trees, rivers, creeks, waterfalls, animals, fish, bushes, ferns, epiphytes, insects, funghi, and all of these within ecological systems. Each plant and animal is an integral part of the environment in the Otways.

Some of these values are recognised by government processes. Many values are recognised by people who visit the Otways.


Government processes fail to protect biodiversity

Impacts of Clearfell Logging on biodiversity

Otway Reserve System

Otway Old Growth Forest

Endangered species and threatening processes



Otway Cool Temperate Rainforest

Myrtle Wilt

Rainforest Sites of Significance


National Estate

What is National Estate?

Failure to properly assess National Estate Values

Case Study: The Lake Elizabeth Area of National Estate


Aire Heritage River

The values of the Aire River are acknowledged, through the listing of the river under the Heritage Rivers Act.


Natural Landscapes

Natural Landscapes are large, relatively undisturbed places where natural processes continue largely unmodified by human intervention. In the case of the Otways natural landscapes may include undisturbed catchments or sub-catchment areas.


Scenic Quality

The aesthetic beauty of the Otways is under threat. Scenic values are important to the regional tourism industry.


Endangered species The government is failing to protect endangered species. More information about some of the endangered species in the Otways.


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