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Otways Biodiversity threatened by logging

Government processes fail to protect biodiversity

State Government processes supposed to protect biodiversity from logging practices and why they are failing.

  • The role of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. Link
  • Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management (ESFM). Link

Impacts of Clearfell Logging on biodiversity

Impacts of clearfell logging on biodiversity
  • Myth that native forests "regenerate" after clearfell logging. Link
  • Myth clearfell logging mimics natural wildfire regeneration. Link
  • The myth woodchips are produced from waste wood. Link

Otway Reserve System

Otway Reserve System and why it isn't adequate to protect all types of forest
  • Western Victoria devoid of native vegetation. Link
  • Existing legislated reserves. Link
  • Otway State forest. Link
  • Otway tall mountain forests lack protection. Link

Otway Old Growth Forest

Otway Old Growth Forest

  • Otway Old Growth Forest.
  • Veteran trees; why important forest is not called "old growth"

Endangered species and threatening processes

When the Government recognises endangered species and threatening processes, they are listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act.

See more information about some of the endangered species and threatening processes.

These include:

  • cool temperate rainforest
  • slender tree fern
  • tiger quoll
  • loss of hollow-bearing trees
  • habitat fragmentation
  • myrtle Wilt

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