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Murnane Sawmills

The Murnane family-owned sawmills have a licence to take 19,500 cubic metres of sawlogs each year out of the Otways until June 2008. Of this annual allocation, about 5000 cubic metres of logs are mountain ash.

To extract the Murnane sawlogs, about two to three square kilometres of Otway native forest will be clearfell logged each year until 2008. Of all the trees cut down, past experience has shown that only three out of every ten trees will be sawlogs and go to the Murnane sawmill. The other seven out of ten trees will be woodchipped at the Midway mill.

Typical clearfell logged Otway native forest.

Midway and Murnanes are dependent on each other for access to Otway public land log resources. Without the Midway woodchip licence, it is not economically viable to clearfell log native forests just to meet Murnanes sawlog licence requirements. More info.

Murnane's sawmills converts Otway sawlogs into sawn timber products. Data released through the West Regional Forest Agreement process shows only a small number of Otway trees are used as high grade timber and value-added. More info on value adding.

Murnane's other businesses interests include:

Midway export Woodchips

Share holding in Midway export woodchip mill. More info .

Director of Treecorp

Treecorp is a tree farm nursery that grows 5 million Blue Gum seedling trees and 5 million Radiata Pine seedling trees every year to be sold to plantation growers. See www.treecorp.com.au

Pallet manufacturing business

Past customers who have bought pallets from Murnane have included Chepp.


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