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Forestry Victoria research and information suppression

The following is a summary of moves by Forestry Victoria to suppress research and information that could lead to a reduction in the rate of clearfell logging within the Otway State forest.

  1. Failure to complete Action Statements as required under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. Link

  2. Myrtle Wilt research suppression. Link

  3. Suppression of reports with respect to Otway Rainforest Sites of Significance. Link

  4. Suppression of Tiger Quoll research report. Link

  5. Incorrect maps and information with respect to the Lake Elizabeth Area of national estate were supplied with the 1992 Otway Forest Management Plan. Link

  6. Hydrology research at SSP track between 1988 - 1994 cancelled. See Link1 and Link2.

  7. Pathetic assessment of scenic and aesthetic values within the Otways as a part of the West RFA process. Link.

  8. Late release of reports and short public comment periods to avoid scrutiny. See Assessment of National Estate Values within the Otway State Forest during the West Regional Forest Agreement.

  9. Assessment of sites of Geological and geomorphological value ignored in RFA process. Link


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