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Habitat Fragmentation

There is widespread fragmentation of the Otways State Forests as a result of past land clearing, clearfell logging and plantation establishment.

Clearfell logging contributes to pressures placed on endangered species by forcing them to survive in smaller and smaller fragments of habitat. Habitat fragmentation can lead to local and regional extinctions of plants and animals. Before an extinction occurs, endangered species will suffer a decline in numbers as they are forced to live in smaller and smaller islands of habitat. A decline in numbers makes endangered species vulnerable to extinction from other forces such as wildfire, feral animals and other human pressures. See nomination 377.

Potential Habitat fragmentation example

Clearfell logging proposed at Riley's Ridge threatens to fragment the east and west Otway forset.

Habitat Fragmentation was listed as a threatening process (nomination 377) under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act after the West RFA was signed. (Listed in December 2000).

An Action Statement for Habitat Fragmentation has not been completed. An Action Statement will sets out what needs has been done to conserve and manage wildlife corridors. In particular,an Action Statemtn will provide prescription to protect wildlife corridors from logging practices.

Critical wildlife corridors in the Otways threatened by clearfell logging that will cause habitat fragmentation include:


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