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West Barwon Water Supply Catchment

For general information about the logging in the West Barwon Catchment (Geelong's Water Supply Catchment) follow the links below.

See more about Logging in the West Barwon Catchment.

See more about the new Coldwater creek logging road.

Logging too close to West Barwon Dam.

Clearfell logging occurred within 200 metres of the West Barwon Dam high water mark - a breach of the Otway Forest Management Plan.

Forest saved from logging
This forest is within 200 metres of the West Barwon Dam(Geelong water supply) and was saved from clearfell logging in 1997.

Coldwater Creek Road

Forestry Victoria plans to build a 2.5 kilometre road(will be called Coldwater creek road) into the headwaters of the West Barwon Catchment to open up the area for logging.

Road construction is planned for the 2002/03 year. Plans to build this road have been put on hold for the past 5 years due to pressure from conservation groups but time is running out.

Forest marked for logging
The blue arrow and red tape located in this picture mark the centre of the Coldwater creek road that Forestry Victoria plan to build through this forest.

See the forest that will be destroyed (outside OREN's website).

See the impact that logging roads and resulting landslides have on the quality of water in creeks and rivers.


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