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Otway catchments where logging has been suspended

The following are lists of Otway catchments that were former State forest where clearfell logging was permitted. Clearfell logging has now been banned in these areas. Maps below also show the location of former State Parks and National Parks.

To see a current map of the Great Otway National Park and Otway Forest Park download (1MB PDF).

Geelong domestic water supply catchment.

Logging was informally suspended in these catchment to protect the Geelong domestic water supply catchments December 2002. Read more.

  • West Barwon River
  • East Barwon River
  • Callahans Creek
  • Dewings Creek
  • Goslings Creek
  • Pennyroyal creek

Geelong catchments



South eastern flowing rivers between Anglesea and Apollo Bay.

Logging was suspended in these areas December 2002.

  • Anglesea River (No map)
  • Painkalac Creek. (Aireys Inlet water supply) (No map)
  • Grass Creek (No map)

  • St Georges River (Lorne water supply)
  • Cumberland River
  • Separation Creek
  • Wye River
  • Kennett River
  • Grey River
  • Carisbrooke River
  • Nettle Creek (Sugar loaf branch)
  • Smythe River

south east otways



Tributaries within the Aire and Barham river catchments.

Logging was suspended in the majority of these sub-catchments in December 2002. Logging to 2008 has been permitted in the Head of Aire, Ford and Holywater catchments.

  • Wilddog Creek
  • Barham River East. (Apollo Bay water supply)
  • Barham River West. (Apollo Bay water supply)
  • Clearwater Creek
  • Youngs Creek
  • Ciancio Creek




Strategic sub-catchments of the Warrnambool domestic water supply.

The area within the blue line is the Warrnambool water supply catchment. Logging was halted in strategic parts of the Warrnambool domestic water supply catchments in December 2002.

  • Arkins Creek and Link Track area (See map here)
  • Sheepyard creek (See map below)


Note: All clearfell logging on the public land component of the Warrnambool domestic water supply catchment will end in June 2008.

Far north and west Otway catchments



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