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ALP Otway policy implementation

Within days of calling the Victorian 2002 State election, the premier Steve Bracks, went to Triplet Falls in the Otways ( 6th November 2002) and made two policy announcements:

  • all clearfell logging in the Otways native forest would end when sawlog licences expired in 2008, including an immediate reduction in logging by 25%.

  • a new expanded National Park would be created from Anglsea to Cape Otway.

The Bracks Government won the 2002 State election in a landslide. The Victorian voting public gave the State ALP a mandate to implement these policies.

otway ferns


Progress of ALP Otway policy implementation

  • 30 November 2002
    ALP Bracks State Government elected with policies to end Otways logging and create new expanded Otway National Park. (Read 2002 ALP election policies).

  • December 2002
    All logging informally suspended in the Geelong domestic water supply catchments and south east catchments. See list and maps.

  • 23rd February 2004
    The State government announces Calco licence handback to reduce sawlogs licence by 25%. Read media info.

  • 10th June 2005
    Victorian Premier accepts VEAC recommendations and announces creation of
    Great Otway National Park. Read more.

  • 15 Sept 2005
    Legislation to create Great Otway National Park and logging after 2008 passed through Victorian State Parliament. Read more.

  • December 2005
    Great Otways National Park was formally opened by Premier Steve Bracks and Environment Minister John Thwaites at Triplet falls in the Otways.

Otway logging will continue until about April 2008. From the start of 2008/2009 financial year it will be illegal to clearfell log and take sawlogs and woodchip from public native forest in the Otways.

OREN has continued to oversee that that logging does not occur in contentious areas within the Otways Forest Park until the phase out is completed in 2008. Read more.

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