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Don't wipe your bum on the Otways,

The historic account of the sucessful Otway forests (Australia)
"Refuse to use Kleenex tissues" campaign.


There was once a time when many thousands of native trees that are growing within the Great Otway National Park (located in Victoria, Australia) were destined to become a packet of Kleenex facial tissues or used to wipe someone’s bum as Kleenex toilet paper.

The image below is a stand of forest that was threatened by clearfell logging in 1997. About 70% of this forest was destine to become woodchips to make Kleenex tissues or Kleenex toilet paper. However as a result of consumer awarness campaign by the Otway Ranges Environment Network(OREN), this forest is now protected within the Great Otway National Park and the Otway forests are woodchip free.


The following is a historical account (campaign time period 1996-1998) of how these magnificent trees were never made into Kleenex.

OREN has provided this historical account as inspiration and in solidarity with conservationists in Australia and around the world who are currently campaigning against the destruction of native forests by the pulp and paper industry. These current ongoing campaigns include:

  • Greenpeace and other conservation groups in Canada are fighting against the destruction of the Boreal forests of northern Canada to make Kleenex tissues. See www.kleercut.net

  • Conservationists fighting against the construction of a pulp mill by Gunns Ltd in Tasmania Australia that will feed on Tasmania native forests. See www.tamarpulpmill.info

  • Residents of Melbourne Victoria Australia campaigning against the destruction of native forest in the Melbourne domestic water supply catchments for the manufacture of Reflex photo copy paper.
    See melbournecatchments.org


1. Background Kimberley Clark Australia, the manufacturer of Aussie Kleenex tissues.

1.1 OREN declares war on Kleenex

2. The Kleenex “consumer awareness campaign”.

2.1 Focus on retail market
2.2 Focus on industrial market

3. Kimberly Clark Australia reaction to Otways campaign.

3.1 Kimberly Clark reaction to conservationists.
3.2 Supermarket reaction to retail market campaign
3.3 Kimberly Clark reaction to industrial market campaign

4. Kimberly Clark quits Otways.

5. The Otways and Kleenex today.

5.1 The Otways after Kleenex
5.2 Kimberly Clark logging North American Boreal native forest


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