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Otway Photo Gallery

Anyone is free to use these photographs if credit is given to the photographer or, where no photographer is included, to the Otway Ranges Environment Network.

All photographs are 120 kB or less, and should load within about 30 seconds.

Forest photos

Wye River

Glasgow Falls

Link Track

Myrtle Beech Tree, Mait's Rest

Sabine Falls

Big tree near Sabine Falls

Tall trees at Wild Dog

West Barham Creek and tree ferns

Wye River waterfalls

Slender Tree Fern

Waterfall on Cumberland River

Clearfell logging

Mud Road

Mud Road 2

Direct Action

Tree climber

Tree climbers 1

Tree climbers 2

Riley's Ridge van 1999

Local Resident getting taken by police, Ciancio Creek, April 2001

Scuffle, Ciancio Creek, April 2001


Animal photos coming soon
Other Sherryl Garbutt, State Minister for Natural Resources and Environment






  If you have a photo you would like to add, please email it with a description to : orenlorax@oren.org.au

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