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Help in the campaign to stop clearfell logging of the Otways native forests

Many people are working together to stop the clearfell logging of the Otway native forests. If you want to help out, here are some ideas:

Donate your skills for the Otways

If you have skills that may be useful in the campaign, email us and let us know. Your skills could be in anything - design, accountancy, theatrical, networking, anything. If you let us know what skills you have, we can let you know when or how you can help. Email orenlorax@oren.org.au

Publicise the problems with logging in the Otways

Increasing public awareness about the problems with logging in the Otways is vital:

  • tell friends and family, refer them to this website
  • find places to display information about Otway logging - shops, markets, libraries, university, anywhere. We can send information to you to put up. Email orenlorax@oren.org.au

Tell your State Members of Parliament

Ultimately it will be a government which decides to stop logging in the Otways. Unfortunately politicians who represent us don't necessarily want to do what is best for us, but they do want to get reelected.

Let your politicians know that you want an end to logging in the Otways. Tell them that you want them to listen to the people who own the forests, not listen to the companies that are out to log the forest.

See a list of politicians in the Geelong - Otway - Warrnambool region. If you live in another area of Victoria, and want to know contact details for you Member of Parliament, see Parliament of Vctoria - Members of Parliament

Ring, write, email or even visit your politician.

Join OREN, or make a donation to the campaign

If you join OREN or make a donation, you will be helping to stop logging in the Otways, and will receive regular updates about the campaign.

Go to the membership and donations page.

Add your name to the OREN email list

OREN has an email list, we send out information and updates every couple of weeks, or whenever there is important news.

Sell Otway forest calendars

OREN has produced calendars since 2001 featuring beautiful forest and animals photos from the Otways. This is an important way to raise awareness about logging of the Otway forests, and to raise money to continue the campaign.

Help to sell the calendars and you will be helping to stop logging of Otway forests. Email orenlorax@oren.org.au


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