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Tourism Statistics

Geelong Otway Tourism Strategic Business Plan

The Great Ocean Rd attracted 2.8 million overnight visitors (international and domestic) and 5.4 million daytrips during 1998, spending $941 million in the region. Growth is forecast at 5-10% per annum.

The Surf Coast Shire

The Surf Coast Shire includes the section of Great Ocean road that runs between Anglesea and Lorne. The following information is from a Surf Coast Shire report titled "The Economic Significance of Tourism to the Surf Coast Shire" released in October 1996. The data used was from the 1995/96 financial year.

  • An estimated 1,651,000 visitors visit the Surf Coast Shire each year, including an estimated 743,000 overnight and 908,000 day visits.

  • Tourist visitors generate $98 million each year through spending at local businesses, including accommodation, food services, travel and retailing.

  • Tourism contributes to employment with an estimated 1,970 jobs in direct employment and another 1,295 from indirect employment.

  • Visitor numbers are expected to grow to 2,444,000 each year by 2005/6 with expenditure to increase to around $145 million and another 1000 direct jobs generated in tourism.

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