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Tourism only promoted at select sites within the Otway State Forest.

The only tourist destinations that Forestry Victoria want to promote in the Otways are at Lake Elizabeth and Triplet falls. All other areas are to be clearfell logged as specified by the West RFA.

An article in the Colac Herald on the 17th of January 2001, summaries the Departments intent to only develop tourism in existing forest reserves.

Ian Miles who was the Manager for Forest Management within the department is quoted in the Colac Herald as saying:

"Mr Miles said that 60 percent of the Otway forests were now excluded from logging and that the public could be assured that money would be spent to encourage tourism in those areas."

"He dismissed OREN's accusations, stating that in the past four years DNRE has spent $500,000 on tourism infrastructure, including walking tracks at Triplet Falls and Lake Elizabeth. To say we have done nothing to promote tourism is ridiculous."

Triplet Falls and Lake Elizabeth are existing forest reserves under the Otway Forest Management Plan. There is nowhere in the Otways where walking tracks have been promoted or developed by the department in areas that are available for clearfell logging.


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