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Forest Management

This section is a critical look at how a Goverment department(Forestry Victoria) has failed, misused or abused key forest management documents written for the Otways.

Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act

The Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act is the State legislation that is supposed to protect plants, animals and rare communities, and mininise processes that threaten these. This legislation is failing to protect against logging practices in the Otways.

Otway Forest Management Plan

The Otway Forest Management Plan provides prescriptions and guildlines to manage the publicly owned Otway State forest for all forest values. Mis-use of the plan by Forestry Victoria has resulted in failure to protect forest values.

West Regional Forest Agreement

The West Regional Forest Agreement is an 'agreement' between the Victorian and Commonwealth governments that allows the woodchip industry to clearfell log the remaining forests in Western Victoria. It is not an agreement with the people of Victoira and totaly fails to protect forests and forest values.

Sustainable Yield Review

This reviewed what rate of logging is "sustainable" for the Otway. It found there is inadequate information to calculate a sustainable rate of logging, and that the calculated amount of logging doesn't not take into account other forest values - eg. water biodiversity, tourism etc.


Code of Forest Practices

The Code of Forest Practices contains the requirements for logging in state forest. It is consistently breached by Forsetry Victoria.


Legislation Legislation is used to control people who are opposed to logging. Legislation has been used to excluded the public from the forests and prevent the community from physically preventing clearfell logging of public native forest.


  Forest Management

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