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Liberals split and confused on Otway clearfell logging and new National Park.

There was confusion and division within Liberal Party ranks over Otway policy during the November 2002 State election campaign.

The following is a time line of events that highlight the internal division the Liberal Party had on Otway policy.

All claims made by OREN are supported by press articles and Hansard transcripts.

Senior Liberals MP's contradict each other and themselves on Otway policy.


December 2004 - Upper House Liberal's Stoney and Vogels argue in Parliament for clearfell logging in the Otways should continue.

August 2004 - Liberal MP Terry Mulder attends anti Otway National Park rally in Apollo bay and speaks out against the National Park.

June 2004 - Federal Liberal MP, Stewart McArthur who is a long time one-eyed supporter of Otway logging, comes out in support of ALP Otway policy before 2004 Federal election.

June 2004 - New shadow environment spokesperson Phil Honeywood acknowledges the State ALP has a mandate to implement Otways policies.

June 2004 - Former shadow environment spokesperson, Tony Plowman denies he is opposed to a new National Park in the Otways when challenged in Parliament. However back in March 2003 - Plowman was openly opposed to the new National Park when visiting Colac.


August 2003- Liberal MP Terry Mulder supports continued clearfell logging in the Otways.

May 2003 - Opposition Liberal leader supports Otways clearfell logging and woodchipping.

May 2003 - Deputy opposition Liberal leader Andrea Coote comes out in support of ALP Otways policy and expanded National Park.

Victorian State election


Nov. 2002 - Liberal resigns in disgust to vote for Labor's Otway policy.

Nov. 2002 - National Party accuses Liberals of supporting ALP Otway policy.

Dec. 2002 - Geelong Liberal candidate points finger at ALP Otway policy.

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