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Clearfell logging in the Otway Forested Catchments - Water Yield and Water Quality Issues
Woodchip Driven Logging in the Otways - An Economic Analysis
What is clearfell logging?
Actions by Environment Minister Garbutt compromise Geelong's water supply
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Otway Logging Where?

Find out more about the areas of Otway State Forest that are scheduled to be clearfell logged over the next three years. (more info)

 Fundraising event

September 1, 15, 22, October 6 UNDER MILK WOOD
by Dylan Thomas

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 Forest Freedom Spring Series

  • Week 1 - FF Otways 24th & 25th Aug (Sabine Falls Picnic ground)
  • Week 2 - FF Otways 31st Aug & 1st Sep

  • Week 3 - Future Rescue 4 day Skill Share - Goolengook www.futurerescue.org 9th - 11th Sep
  • Week 4 - FF Otways 14th & 15th Sep
  • see www.forestfreedom.org for more info
Bring sleeping bag, and camping gear (plates, water bottles! etc and any other relevant gadgetry you can lay your hands on

OREN Calendar 2003

With Christmas on the way consider giving the Otways Ranges Calender 2003 as a gift and help support the Otways Ranges Environment Network to keep the beautiful forest of the Great Ocean Road for our kids. More details to come soon.


Myrtle Wilt - A disease promoted by clearfell logging that threatens Otway Cool Teperate Rainforest

Myrtle Wilt - A disease promoted by clearfell logging that threatens Otway Cool Teperate Rainforest

Myrtle Wilt is a disease which causes Myrtle beech trees to die. Beech trees are the primary canopy species for Cool Temperate Rainforest. Although a naturally occurring phenomenon, the presence of Myrtle Wilt is increased by human disturbance, notably logging.

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Geelong Politicians: their stance on the protection of Geelong's water catchments

In March 2001, the Otway Ranges Environment Network (OREN) wrote to all elected politicians representing the wider Geelong Community, seeking a statement of their views and intended actions in relation to the logging of forested water catchment in the Otways.

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OREN would like to thanks the Conservation Alliance for their support.

The Conservation Alliance
The Outdoor Industry Giving Back to the Outdoors

The Conservation Alliance is an alliance of fifteen outdoor companies which
contribute a portion of their turnover to support conservation projects.