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West RFA reduced sawlog and woodchip volumes in the Otways.


A positive outcome of the West RFA was a 38% reduction in licensed sawlog volumes from the Otway FMA. This was a reduction from 44,000 m3 to 27,000 m3 per annum. Political pressure to reduce logging rates resulted in an immediate reduction in sawlog quota despite the RFA allowing two years to reduce logging levels. The hardwood sawmill at Birregurra closed before the start of the 2000/2001 logging season with no adverse effect to the town.

See myth logging towns will die if native forest logging in the Otways stops. Link.


Additionally Environment minister Garbutt announced in a press release on the 31st March 2000 that the reduction in sawlogs would be matched with a reduction in the amount of woodchips removed from the Otways. See media release.

Extract from Garbutt Press release (31/3/00)
With the reduction of sawlog from State forests there will also be a reduction in the availability of woodchips.
"This will be most evident in the Wombat and Otway forests," Ms Garbutt said.
"Because less forest is available for harvesting there will be reduced woodchip log volumes licensed from those areas."

For the Otways, woodchip volumes had decreased with licensed levels reduced from 100,000m3 in the late 1998/1999 to about 70,000m3 per annum by 2000/2001.


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