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Geelong Domestic Water Supply Catchment (Gazetted)

Warrnambool Domestic Water Supply catchment (Gazetted)

Cool Temperate Rainforest

Rainforest Site of Significance. 10 off exist. See Memo Understanding Cameron 1990 & OFMP. Cameron recommends 100 metre buffers.
Code recommends 60 metre buffers.
DNRE only put on 40 metre buffers.

Relevant Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act listings include:
· Cool Temperate Rainforest . No Action Statement.
· Human activity that results in elevated levels of myrtle wilt within Nothofagus dominated cool temperate rainforest. No Action Statement.

Habitat Fragmentation, defined as a threatening process under the Flora Fauna Guarantee Act.
No Action Statement.

Slender Tree Fern, listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act.
No Action Statement.

Tiger Quoll, listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act.
Revised Action Statement not completed.

Tourism Values.
Visual Impact (VQO) on tourist road or route of proposed walking tracks (See Otway Forest Management Plan Section 9.3.6 Walking and Walking Tracks & Section 6.6 Landscape).

Areas of veteran old growth trees that provide hollows.
Loss of Hollow Bearing Trees defined as threatening process under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. No Action Statement.

High natural landscape values within catchment.
See National Estate Identification and Assessment in the West Region of Victoria, and Robin Crocker & Associates.

National Estate Listed.
See page 9 and A2, Otway Forest Management Plan Statement of Resources, Uses and Values.

New road is required within domestic water supply catchment for access to coupes.
New roads introduce weeds and feral animals into previously inaccessible forest areas. New roads reduce aesthetic, ecological and spiritual value of undisturbed catchments.

Logging within Special Management Zone. No SMZ plans completed.