Otways Logging Where?

Explanation of terms

B+ A and B grade sawlogs (NRE estimate)
C C grade sawlogs (NRE estimate)


D grade sawlogs (NRE estimate)


Total of A, B, C and D grade sawlogs
BW Blackwood trees for sawlog (NRE estimate)
Total sawlog The sum of A, B, C, D and BW sawlogs
R Trees sent directly to woodchip mill as whole logs (NRE estimate)
coupe Area designated for logging (most areas are clearfell logged)

contingency coupe

Coupe that would be logged if scheduled coupes cannot be logged for any reason, eg. weather.
carryover coupe Coupe that was not logged or logging was not completed in the logging season scheduled. Carryover coupes are available for logging.
Forestry Victoria Section within Department of Natural Resources and Environment responsible for managing logging in State Forest in Victoria
NRE Department of Natural Resources and Environment
roadline coupe

Trees to be cut down to upgrade existing bush track; or trees to be cut down for the construction of a new road.

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