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Geelong Politicians: their stance on the protection of Geelong's water catchments

In March 2001, the Otway Ranges Environment Network (OREN) wrote to all elected politicians representing the wider Geelong Community, seeking a statement of their views and intended actions in relation to the logging of forested water catchment in the Otways. To assist them in forming a view, OREN provided each person with detailed reports on the results of recent hydrology research for the Otways, and on the economics of logging in the Otways.

The clear message from our Members of Parliament is that we cannot rely on them to protect our precious water catchments, despite scientific evidence that proves water runoff would increase if logging stopped in Geelong's water catchments.

Letter OREN sent to Members of Parliament requesting their views on logging in Geelong's water catchments.


State Labor Members of Parliament
Peter Loney (Geelong North)
Ian Trezise (Geelong)
Elaine Carbines (Geelong Province)

Made no commitment to supportting an end to logging in Geelong Water Supply catchments. Did make a commitment to continue the process of consultation between community groups and the government regarding water catchments and logging issues.

State Liberal Members of Parliament
Garry Spry (Bellarine)
Alister Paterson (South Barwon)
Ian Cover (Geelong Province)

Made no commitment to support an end to logging in Geelong Water Supply catchments. Did acknowledge that water supply is a precious resource and they support initiatives for water conservation.

Federal Liberal Member of Parliament
Stewart McArthur (Corangamite)

Believes clearfell logging in Geelong Water Supply Catchments can continue. Made numerous assertions that logging is sustainable and has no impact on the amount of water Geelong residents receive.

Federal Labor Member of Parliament
Gavan O'Connor (Corio) - No Response

Email addresses for Members of Parliament
If you are unhappy with the "fence sitting" approach of you local State or Federal MP, send them an e-mail and encourage them to get off the fence and support an end to logging in Geelong's Water supply catchments

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